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Fight With Tools

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This week’s title brought to you by the Flobots. If this name doesn’t sound familiar, youtube “Handlebars” and watch the video. Music with a message is always better in my opinion.

So I actually just came up with what I wanted to talk about just in the last hour. I was watching a movie (which will be revealed later) and said to my dad, “How cool would it be if that was a real thing?” And boom, I knew what I wanted to talk about. So here are the inventions, places, and things from movies I wish were real.

Jack Rabbit Slims from Pulp Fiction. This is the restaurant that gave me this idea. This restaurant comes complete with 5$ shakes, delicious steaks, and servers who impersonate past celebrities. It is pretty simple compared to the rest of this list, but it still seems like an awesome place to grab dinner. And for the dancers reading this…there is a weekly swing competition. Follow in Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega’s footsteps if you win, bring home that nice big trophy.

The Lightsaber from the Star Wars series. If this didn’t make this list, I would find some way to punish myself for such an unforgivable memory lapse. It is the ultimate geek toy. What would I use it for? I don’t know. But it would just be awesome to have a lightsaber.

The Holodeck from the Star Trek series/movies. This room can literally put you in any situation you want. You could be the hero in your favorite movie, the team captain from your favorite sports game, or anything else you want. This is almost like The Matrix, but without that whole ‘slavery for heat energy’ drawback.

Any car from the James Bond movies. It’s a copout to not pick a specific car I know, but they are all just too awesome! Invisibility, ejector seats, and a whole bunch of other gizmos. Q branch always gives Bond the best toys out of any spy movie, and the cars are always the pick of the litter. It’s a shame they never manage to last until the end of the movie.

Neuralizer from Men in Black. Another toy that would just be fun to have. Remember that one really embarrassing moment that everybody remembers you for? Taken care of. Did you see The Human Centipede and wish you hadn’t? Now you might as well have never seen it. Another simple and basically fun toy to have.

Tony Stark’s House from Iron Man. I am including the Iron Man suits in this. A super witty Artificial Intelligence machine to keep my REALLY nice house running smooth so I can focus on the awesome view, huge pool, and playing with my Iron Man suit? Yes please. And this also includes the rest of Tony Stark’s fun little gizmos he uses throughout the movies.

Magic overall from Harry Potter. I tried to pick one thing from the series, but between Howlers, Broomsticks, and just spells in general, I can’t ignore the rest of them. Is this broad? Absolutely. But missing out on the rest of them…I can’t pick!!

The Cornfield  from Field of Dreams. First off, if you haven’t seen this movie….go see it. It’s amazing and warms your heart. The Cornfield is where the ghosts, for lack of a better word, of all the greatest baseball players in history all come together and play. Imagine actually being able to see Babe Ruth in person….sort of. For a sports fan, this would be a dream come true. Pun intended.

Speeders from Star Wars. These would be a tough contest with the Bond cars for what I would rather drive.  These move and I could just fly over traffic. Plus, off roading would be a piece of cake.  Slap on a custom paint job…would love to have one of those in my garage.

The Batmobile from Batman. All Batmobiles are, by default, awesome. I am specifically talking about “The Tumbler” from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and soon The Dark Knight Rises. Huge, fast car. Turns into a motorcycle.  And best of all….people would think I am Batman. Best perk of all.

So this is a list of 10, and I am beyond sure there are more super cool devices you all have seen. I am really curious about which devices you like? Until these actually come around (and I hope they do!) I will just have to make do with watching characters enjoy them.

Even though I am done, Sportscenter…..Go Spurs and Celtics!

See you next time.

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  • Sara

    I’d have to agree with you 100% on the cornfield in Field of Dreams…execpt maybe than JUST baseball player’s ghost, ALL past athletes!

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